Monday, June 25, 2012

Art Masks- Cinderella and Emerald City

Cinderella Art Mask

Copyright 2012, Julia Cellini

Emerald City Art Mask

Copyright 2012, Julia Cellini

The Cinderella and Emerald city art masks are my most recent designs. I absolutely love the way they came out!

My inspiration:  Cinderella's Castle at the Walt Disney World Resort! I have never been there myself, but maybe someday!

The Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz: I haven't been here either, unfortunately...

About the masks:

I formed these masks using paper mache on my home made plaster mask mold. That mold was a total pain to make by the way! I don't know if you can buy ready made, or custom mask molds, but if you can and you're planning on mask making, I strongly recommend it. ;)

-This style of mask is called Columbina.
Columbina masks are meant to cover only the eyes and top part of the face. These masks are thought to have originated in the 15th century, made for people who wanted to wear their masks as a beautiful and ornate decoration rather than a disguise. Read more about columbina masks here:

After the masks were formed and dried, I sealed them with a coat of white primer. Then the real painting begins!

Copyright 2012, Julia Cellini

Copyright 2012, Julia Cellini

Copyright 2012, Julia Cellini

                                  Attention to detail is very important to me. ;)

The Finished Masks!

Copyright 2012, Julia Cellini

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