Monday, June 25, 2012

Fairytale Wolf Mask

Copyright 2012, Julia Cellini

The Fairytale Wolf mask is one of my first designs, it remains a favorite. I have a lot of fun with it. :)

Copyright 2012, Julia Cellini
(A masked mask, Ha ha)


The many fairy tales with wolves in them. 

About the Mask:

I start by forming the mask shape out of paper mache, a sculpting medium which uses strips of paper soaked in a special glue. It can be made as strong as wood with enough layers. This is the most difficult mask that I make because the weight of the nose has to equal the weight of the ears and head in order for someone to comfortably wear it. The ears are shaped separately and attached while the form is still wet. It takes hours to get everything perfect. 

When the shape is finished and dry, I seal it with white primer. This also serves as a base for the final colors. 

Once the final painting is finished, I put a thin layer of glue on the white parts and sprinkle clear glitter over it. The glitter is subtle, but gives the mask a more fantastical, mystical look. Then I add the detail around the eyes, ears and nose, with gold leaf paint and a thin paintbrush. 

Copyright 2012, Julia Cellini

 Finally, the last step is to seal the finished mask with wood or acrylic sealer. This must be done carefully so that it doesn't smudge the glitter off. 

Here are some fun, spooky photos of what the mask looks like on!

Copyright 2012, Julia Cellini

Copyright 2012, Julia Cellini

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Copyright 2012, Julia Cellini

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