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Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen:


Origin: Denmark, Odense

Hans Christian Andersen wrote his own fairy stories, unlike the Brother's Grimm who were collectors of folklore. H.C Anderson is well known for his melancholy, often tragic story lines and strong moral concepts.

Well Known Stories By H.C Andersen:
- The Snow Queen
-The Little Mermaid
-The Nightingale
- Thumbelina
- The Ugly Duckling
-The Princess and the Pea
-The Emporer's New Clothes
 And many, many more! See a complete list below.

Interesting Facts & Photos
1869 photo by Thora Hallager
- At 14 years old, Andersen sought employment as an actor/singer.
-His other early occupations were weaving and tailoring
- He was a friend of Charles Dickens
- He fell in love with several different men and women, none of whom returned his affections.

This website has a complete list of Anderson's tales :

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