Dragon Scales Face Paint Tutorial

Julia Cellini, 2012

Hello and welcome to the dragon scales face paint tutorial! Follow the steps below to create a face painting like the one shown above. Leave a comment, or contact me if you have any questions. Happy Halloween!


-1 cotton ball
-1 small paint brush
- Face paint in the following colors:
     -Light Green
     -Dark Green


Step 1:
With the light green face paint, use the cotton ball to dab paint lightly everywhere where scales will be. On the demonstration below I'm only doing a small space around her eye, but you can of course do the whole face if you prefer.

(Depending on what face paint you use, it might not be safe to put it around the eyes. Use green eyeshadow for eyelids and lower eyelids to be safe!)

Julia Cellini, 2012

Step 2:
Using the dark green face paint, begin making small, half-oval shapes in rows.

Julia Cellini, 2012

Step 3:
Outline the green half oval shapes with black.

Julia Cellini, 2012

Step 4:
Smudge the black with the tip of your brush so that it fills in the space between each scale, see picture below for reference.
(Don't worry if it look messy at this stage. It's supposed to! :)

Julia Cellini, 2012

Step 5:

Using the light green paint, fill in the center of your scales.

Julia Cellini, 2012

Step 6:
Using the white, paint the tops of your scales to create the effect of shine.

Julia Cellini, 2012

Step 7: Add glitter, eye shadow etc. in any way you like, depending on how fancy you want to look, and you're finished!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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